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Origins of Osiriphon 2013

The Maelstrom:

A world ends… and another begins with the birth of a god. During the war of the Titans the material plane known as Osiriphon was magically and spiritually torn asunder as the battle between the races of Osiriphon and its invaders, a desperate and evil race the Torah, summoned their deity The Maelstrom below the surface of the Sea of Souls.

The ocean rose up and claimed many lives, towns and cities toppled and the free races were in turmoil as their armies were scattered across the lands and portals to the invaders realm were opened spilling out death and chaos into Osiriphon. The Maelstrom, a gargantuan tentacled horror rallied its armies and began its attack. In an act of frantic hope the high king of Mazticayoc secretly assembled a small party of the most powerful remaining heroes from each nation of Osiriphon and gave them the power to sacrifice his beloved city in order to stop the Torah and send them back to their dark realm.

The great city was evacuated and a supernatural ritual was performed by the heroes and Mazticayoc was torn from the earth and rose into the skies, the city born aloft soared over the realm and crashed into The Maelstrom. It is said that the impact could be heard and sensed across the planes of existence and the evil deity and its minions were hurled back into their Plane and the portals around Osiriphon were closed and sealed. Rallied by the daring attack, the races of the material plane fought back against the surviving Torah and were victorious.

Some of the remaining invaders surrendered and were approved asylum upon Osiriphon and now live amongst the races of the material plane. Upon defending their home-world many civilizations and races were wiped out and most retreated back to their lands to revive. However in the face of chaos and despair many took the opportunity to usurp the leaders of some settlements and contemptuously reign over stolen lands.

1000 years later many wars and crusades have been fought and civilizations have been lost and risen from the ashes of others; a new age of intrigue and adventure has been born! With the establishment of the Pathfinders guild aiming to protect and regulate the lands of Osiriphon the once broken material realm faces a new challenge: restoration of its former glory and neutralizing those who would see the land again plunged into disarray.

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